All the flavours. Tasted a little bit of everything this past few days...




Dripping from rain.

Clean, white sheets.

Loved the chocolate sweets for dessert.

Drink the wild air.

Walking on soft forest ground.

Touched moss so soft I wanted to lay down on it.

Love the smell of the trees, reminds me of my childhood.

Pine needles in my shoes and socks and I don't know how they get there every time.

Sweat. Boobsweat.

A little fight where to go and turn to find the way back.

Chills because of the wind, carrying my thoughts away.

Tears to clear and cleanse.

Started and ended with kisses to say I love you.

Love the man by my side.

So much love.

So much more to discover, to learn, to process.

Not enough space to describe.


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